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  • Climate Change Leads to Cancel Cricket *MARKED*

    Climate Change Leads to Cancel Cricket *MARKED*

    If you’re like me, getting the opportunity to watch cricket in India is near the top of the list of things to do in India. Either an Indian Premier League match or a test in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy would be enough to make me happy. Just check out how loud and big the crowds are!!! […]

  • Shockingly Popular

    Shockingly Popular

    As I have touched on in some of my other blog posts, cricket is seriously popular in India. And I mean it is seriously popular, Indians make up more than 90% of global cricket fans. It is so popular amongst Indians that travellers may experience some form of culture shock or confusion when first faced […]

  • Women Want to Play too! *MARKED*

    Women Want to Play too! *MARKED*

    The male cricketers in India are admired throughout the country, the same cannot be said for their female counterparts. Despite the women’s India cricket team making the final in both the ODI World Cup and T20 World Cup, there is still no talent development system for women pursuing a cricket career. There are a number […]

  • Cricket is Not That Essential

    Cricket is Not That Essential

    Place essentialism is similar to other forms of essentialism in the fact that it promotes the idea of a fundamental or deep-rooted ‘essence’ of a place. In terms of India, the first things that come to mind for many tourists (and me) are curry, cricket and Bollywood. These are examples of how a country can […]

  • Howzat Street Art? *MARKED*

    Howzat Street Art? *MARKED*

    In recent times, street art has emerged as a popular destination and attraction for tourists to visit on their travels. Street art can come in the forms of murals, graffiti, and signage and is an excellent way for artists to celebrate the heritage and history of their homes. Look no further than GMR Aerocity in […]

  • Symbol of a Nation *MARKED*

    Symbol of a Nation *MARKED*

    It is no secret that everyone in India loves cricket. The players are treated on a pedestal, almost god-like in comparison to the treatment of sports stars in Australia. Indian Cricket fans worship those that earn the honour to represent their proud nation. The logo for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) […]

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